Enhancing Railcar Safety with AAR Comparison Panel Kits

Comparison Panel Kits

Retroreflective tape is crucial for motorist safety at railroad crossings. Avery Dennison's Comparison Panel Kit offers an efficient solution endorsed by AAR, ensuring compliance with regulations. Despite the 10-year renewal mandate, AAR's findings suggest tape often remains functional, prompting a need for more efficient inspection methods.

Comparison Panel Kit
S-916 aar calibrated

Features of the Comparison Panel Kit:

Avery Dennison’s Comparison Panel Kit features meticulously calibrated sheeting designed to meet exact minimum retroreflectivity requirements across all brands of reflective tape.

Each panel is mounted on a robust 4” x 4” aluminum frame, facilitating easy application even on harsh surfaces.

With a magnetic backing, installation becomes a hassle-free process.

Calibrated to AAR Standard S-916:

Every comparison panel undergoes stringent manufacturing and calibration processes to meet the retroreflective level specified in AAR Standard S-916, Retroreflective Comparator Panel Requirements.

  • Durable Pelican™ case for secure storage and transportation.
  • Comparison panel crafted from aluminum with magnetic backing.
  • Microfiber cloth for maintaining optimal cleanliness.
  • Comprehensive handling and usage guide for seamless operation.
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