Illuminate the Path to Safety with Autorack Lighting
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Autorack Railcar Lighting

INPS introduces a ground-breaking LED lighting system for Autorack railcars, addressing inadequate yard lighting concerns. This modular solution enhances visibility, significantly improving safety standards for workers during loading and unloading tasks. Its advanced features promise to revolutionize the experience for load/unload crews in Autorack railcars.

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Custom retrofit LED Lighting
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Key Benefits

say goodbye to Navigating in the Dark

Loading and unloading automobiles in the dark can be a daunting task. Freight railroads play a pivotal role in transporting over 75% of the new cars and light trucks purchased in the U.S. each year, and they’re the lifeblood of the automobile manufacturing industry.

Ensuring the proper alignment of vehicles within autorack railcars has traditionally involved awkward and risky methods, like using flashlights or sticking one’s head out of windows. These methods not only compromise safety but can also result in damage to valuable vehicles.

INPS autotrack lighting

INPS Autorack Lighting

Welcome aboard the future of railcar illumination! Our revolutionary Modular LED Light System is strategically integrated throughout the autorack railcar to ensure optimal brightness and light levels. Through meticulous prototyping, we’ve fine-tuned our system to guarantee functionality that exceeds expectations.

Powered by state-of-the-art lighting technology, our solution is more than just illumination; it’s a commitment to safety and efficiency. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and hello to a seamless, hassle-free lighting experience. Join us as we illuminate the way forward in railcar lighting solutions.

Key Benefits

Discover the key benefits of our cutting-edge Autorack Railcar Lighting:

    1. Enhanced Visibility

    2. Efficiency

    3. Safety First

    4. Precision Alignment 

    5. Streamlined Operations

    6. Industry Impact

Lead the way in the industry with our innovative autorack railcar lighting solution, setting new standards for performance, reliability, and sustainability.

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Illuminate Autorack Railcars for Safety and Efficiency
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