Enhancing Rail Safety with Premium Conspicuity Solutions

Conspicuity Tape

At INPS, we provide premier conspicuity solutions prioritizing rail safety and visibility. Our range includes top brands like 3M, Orafol, and Avery Dennison Reflective Tape, meeting FRA 224 regulations for railcar markings. Designed to enhance visibility, our tapes contribute to safer rail operations during limited visibility conditions.

3M Reflective
Avery Dennison
Comparison Panel Kits

3M Reflective

3M Reflective Tape is designed to enhance visibility and promote safety on roadways for various types of railcars. Here are some key features and benefits of the tape:

  • Exceeds NHTSA requirements
  • Highly Reflective at wide angles to almost 90 degrees from perpendicular
  • Aggressive, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
  • Easy-to-Remove Liner

ORAFOL Rail Conspicuity

ORAFOL conspicuity material stands out as a top choice for enhancing visibility and ensuring safety on vehicles worldwide.

This specialized material is favored by OEMs due to its exceptional durability, performance, and comprehensive warranty coverage.

The incorporation of micro-prismatic elements sets ORAFOL conspicuity tape apart, offering the longest sight detection distance in the industry along with superior nighttime reflectivity performance.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison provides a comprehensive range of films tailored for fleet graphics and conspicuity tapes, engineered to enhance vehicle visibility during dawn, dusk, and nighttime conditions.

Unlike other brands that utilize air-celled construction, Avery Dennison’s reflective tape boasts solid construction, ensuring superior durability and longevity.

Solid construction conspicuity tape offers enhanced resilience, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Railroad Conspicuity Tape Comparison Panel Kits

Avery Dennison’s Conspicuity Tape Comparison Panel Kit offers a reliable solution for evaluating retroreflective tape performance with precision and efficiency.

With AAR endorsement and meticulous calibration, these kits empower rail maintenance crews to uphold safety standards effectively, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety for motorists at railroad crossings.

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