Global Solutions for Locomotive Safety: Protecting Rails Everywhere

innovative Safety solutions

INPS is dedicated to enhancing locomotive safety worldwide. Our range of safety products includes high-quality conspicuity tape, anti-skid solutions, and photoluminescent decals, all meticulously designed to elevate safety standards and protect employees working in locomotive environments. With our innovative products, we strive to make every locomotive operation safer and more secure for all involved.



Innovative Brands such as:


Available in a variety of lengths and colours to meet your needs Improves vehicle visibility

Detection at dawn, dusk and at night

Railcars and locomotives meet the FRA 224 Standard


Designed to provide traction and enhance safety in
areas where slipping or sliding may occur.

High-Temperature Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Compliance with Safety Standards

Proper installation is crucial to ensure the
effectiveness of anti-skid tape on locomotives.


INPS FIREFLY™ has developed turnkey solutions
that include Emergency Signage for Egress /
Access of Passenger Rail Equipment. INPS’ High
Performance Photoluminescent decals not only
comply with the latest industry standards, but
have set the bar in HPPL decals. 

The end result is a durable and easy to clean decal which meet or exceeds rail car regulations providing clear and
concise directions in the case of an emergency.
In consultation with industry leaders, FIREFLY
addresses the needs of safe evacuation from rail
cars, buildings or transportation corridors.

Illuminating Safety: Conspicuity Tape for Locomotives After Dark