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Specializing in heavy-duty engine parts globally, we serve industries including rail, marine, industrial, power generation, and offshore drilling. Our offerings encompass diesel engine components, turbocharger components, traction motors for AC and DC locomotives, and electrical rotating equipment. With three decades of experience, we provide a comprehensive range of products tailored to your needs.

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APD has been catering to customers in various industries such as rail, marine, industrial, power generation, and offshore drilling.

As a global leader, we specialize in manufacturing and distributing heavy-duty engine parts worldwide.

Components include: Cylinder heads, engine block, full power units and associated parts, crankshaft, bearing, shell friction and rollers, water pump, oil pump, gasket, seals, covers, bolts, nuts, and brackets.


We have collaborated with QTC to provide a comprehensive selection of services, ranging from brand new Turbochargers to refurbished ones, as well as all necessary spare parts such as clutch assemblies.

The turbo models we offer include: EMD 645 and 710, along with GE 7FDL models.


APD offers a comprehensive selection of assemblies and components designed for both AC and DC locomotive traction motors.

With over three decades of experience, we are the ideal solution for all your traction motor needs.


We offer a comprehensive range of dynamic brake resistors with blower motors for all EMD and GE models.

Additionally, we have AC and DC motors, cooling fans, auxiliary generators, and inertial blowers in stock.


Our locomotive component parts include essential systems to ensure optimal engine performance. This includes water pumps for cooling, oil pumps for lubrication, fuel pumps for efficient combustion, and starter motors for reliable ignition.

With our high-quality parts, you can trust in the reliability and efficiency of your locomotive’s essential systems.


Our consumables range comprises essential items to maintain and enhance locomotive functionality. This includes lamps for illumination, brushes for cleaning and maintenance, hoses for fluid transfer, seals for preventing leaks, fixings for securing components, and more. These items are crucial for ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your locomotive.

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